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31. Cherry-jam/Kirschmarmalade/Gilos Murabbosi

When I was young, we made a lots of jams ourselves. My favourite jam was cherry-jam….hmmm it was heavenly. In Germany in supermarkts, there are thousands of them. But I really don’t like them, because they are not at all juicy!
So, now is cherry season, I decided to make jam myself. I called mom, and she said “For 2 kg cherries 1 kg sugar”. Oh my God! It is too much! So I put it in only 500 gr sugar. It is ok, not really sweet but I like it! And one important thing she said is: “Pit it!” I tried, it is soooo boring and it takes a lot of time. So, I just left them :) I am so sorry, lovely Mom! Cherry-Jam with pits doesn’t disturb us :D
So let’s enjoy it! The recipe is more or less from my Mother!
2 kg Cherries/Kirschen/Qora Gilos
500 Sugar/Zucker/Shakar (If you like more sweet, add 1kg sugar, or to taste)
2 cup of Water/Wasser/Suv
Clean and wash them well.
Add the sugar and leave for 3-4 hours.
Add 2 cup of water and boil about 10 minute and after while boil them again.
Voila! I just love it!

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